The Canine Support Group is here to help you manage your dog's disease. Inside, you will find active forum groups, informative articles, and a wide array of experienced and knowledgeable members who have come together for the sole purpose of sharing information to improve the quality of, and extend the lives of dogs with Diabetes Mellitus and other diseases.

By joining our rapidly expanding membership you can help others by sharing your experiences, your knowledge, and your support. Together we are making a difference and saving the lives of dogs one at a time.

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About us

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Our specialty is Canine Diabetes but we can provide help and support with many aspects of your pet's health, whether it be a dog or not. We hope that we can help you achieve as close to a good quality of life as possible with your pet. I can honestly say that I have never seen a dog die from diabetes but I have seen dogs die from untreated diabetes. On this site, we hope to help you learn all you can about this disease.

We are not limited to canine diabetes. This siteĀ is where many can come with many canine illnesses. If you have a dog, ever had a dog, know someone who has a dog, or are thinking of getting a dog, you are going to love this site.

You will find a large group of people here who are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and foresight to help you and all dogs live a long, healthy, and happy life together. Whether it's disease, diet, or behavior issues that brought you here, we will help you manage and work through the problems. The intent is to support and educate pet owners, build a fabulous rapport with our veterinarians, and work as a team to help our dogs and members get through some tough times. If we don't have the answers, we will help you find them by directing you to a source that can help you.

This site intends to add and build on our members knowledge and every member will be invaluable to this process. Come share your experiences, your expertise on the various topics, and your friendship.

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Mission & Guidelines

Site Mission

To give our dogs the best life has to offer by joining together to share ideas, information and experience.

Whether it's disease, diet, behavior, or other dog-related issue that brought you here, our members are dedicated to working through the problems together.

This board's mission is to continually add and build on our members' knowledge in order to share with each other. Each member is invaluable to this process.

Site Guidelines

We're glad you're here! Before posting, please take a few minutes to read our general guidelines.

Read through several of our forums to get a sense of how we work, how we relate to each other and how each forum differs in subject matter. If you're uncertain as to which forum your post should appear, please contact one of our moderators.

We understand that your dog may have just been diagnosed with a frightening disease or serious health concern. It is our wish to provide support as quickly as possible. Although it may seem expedient to send a PM to our administrator, a moderator, or any individual member in order to receive instant help, you'll be better served if you post your problem in a forum where all members will see it and provide a well-rounded response as quickly as possible.

We value free speech and we pride ourselves on maintaining an open forum. Please use common sense. Our moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts that they feel are inappropriate, inflammatory or just plain offensive to other members.

Advertising is strictly prohibited. If you have a product or service that you think would be of interest to our members, please contact our administrator.

Most Important

You'll find a large source of experienced people amongst our membership but please consult with your veterinarian regarding any information you read on our forums. Our personal experiences, advice, and suggestions are personal opinions and not a substitute for proper veterinary care.

Please seek your veterinarian's advice on any issue relating to your pet's health.

If you feel that your dog is in a medical crisis, please phone your veterinarian or after-hours emergency veterinary clinic.